The Good News We Almost Forgot – the Review that is Really More Like a Book Club

You remember that one movie, with the line that was well loved and quoted often, “You had me at hello”?  Well, that is how I felt about Kevin DeYoung’s latest book, The Good News We Almost Forgot: Rediscovering the Gospel in a 16th Century Catechism.  He got me at the Introduction and possibly even the title.

My kids and I have been learning the questions and answers to the Westminster Catechism in our school time as a way to remember key doctrines.  Kids are able to memorize so easily even when understanding may not come until later and working on it together is helping me remember as well.  Catechism was not part of my spiritual education as a child but I now see it as a beautiful document in the face of a Biblically illiterate society.  When I noted DeYoung’s book on my extensive wish list, I found a way to review a copy and begin to delve into DeYoung’s love and understanding of the Catechism.

When the book arrived, the first thing I noticed was that it is written in 52 segments with each one taking one or more of the Heidelberg Catechism questions stating them and then expounding in the next few pages.  It seemed like a book that could be done as a devotional and renamed, Mastering Catechism in 52 Days, or something really cool and creative like that.  Perhaps it was good that I was not consulted on naming the book, but I do plan to read it as such and record a few gems along the way as an extended review of sorts.  In fact, if you want to grab a copy and read along, let me know.  I would love that.

In reading the Introduction, the very first paragraph (my hello part), shares what I have already begun to notice. How one generation loves something that the next can hardly stand. Please purchase the book so you can read how much better DeYoung relays this information that resounded to my very soul.  I understood that the paragraph was in reference to what is coming in the book, but my mind went to people whom I love that over time seem to drift away from what they know to be true.  I have watched friends who can not seem to get passed the failures of the church they grew up in using it as a way to remain bitter and angry instead of clinging closer to God.  It breaks my heart and it causes me to want to dive into a book like this for understanding.  I desire wisdom to disciple my children to know the truth. The very truth that sets me free!  Perhaps you want that too.

I also liked DeYoung’s description of his Heidelberg year spending time in the Catechism and studying it. So, this will be my 52 Days of the Catechism give or take the weekends.  Why not join me?

In a Church age confused about the essential elements of the Christian faith – and whether Christianity has any doctrinal center at all – the Heidelberg Catechism offers a relentless reminder of the one doctrine that matters most: We are great sinners and Christ is a greater Savior. 

-Kevin DeYoung (17-18)

My plan, which is subject to change, is to share each Monday what I gleaned from the past weeks readings.


Lime Ricki Swimwear Review and Giveaway: Get Ready for Summer with the Perfect Suit!

Going to try on swimsuits is a chore.  Many women, myself included have spent hours in search of the perfect suit trying on the entire store and still coming up short.  Lime Ricki Swimwear is the solution!  A unique, modest, fun line of suits that will be hard to narrow down, Lime Ricki Swimwear is your one stop shop for summer time fun!

Lime Ricki Swimwear allowed me to choose one suit to review.  I narrowed down my favorites, reminded myself what I wanted (a modest suit that fully covers my front side) and what looks best on my body type, asked my mom’s opinion and a few friends, and then selected the suit pictured.
I can not say enough about how IMPRESSED I was when the suit arrived and fit PERFECTLY!!!!  I do recommend taking your measurements and following the size chart suggestions which was all I did to insure this perfect fit.  I was also amazed at the courteous and helpful staff while communicating via email.  It is enjoyable to shop with people who care about the customers as well as sell an  amazing product.
I can not imagine going anywhere else for my future swimwear needs.  I am certain you won’t be disappointed in the line of tankini tops, bottoms, and one-piece suits.
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Custom Tee Couture Review and GIVEAWAY


Trust me when I tell you that the website is COOL!  Even if you do not win, you will want to head over to Custom Tee Couture and play around.  Basically, you design your own T-shirt and then place an order.  Soon your custom shirt arrives and you wear your one-of-a-kind design for the world to see.
Here is a little glimpse into how it works, but please note the pictures do not do the website justice you really need to head over and see it yourself.

You start with a plain white shirt and then decide from there what exact shirt you would like from long sleeve, short sleeve or tank tops there are lots of choices plus which color as well.  Just click change garnet or change color on the top left side of the page.
If you would like text, there are lots of choices of fonts to play around with before you settle on the one you want.
You can also add clip art like the cake in the shirt above.
BUT If you like shirts that shine, there are also different types of beads you can use when adding text and/or art.
If you are not creative at all, you would still enjoy the easy-to-use design process or you can customize showroom designs or shop the Custom Tee Couture’s exclusive garments

The tee that I designed above was in honor of my birthday coming up this Sunday.  I love the colors picked (note: any clipart color can be changed) plus it was fun to see my own design come in the mail.  There is one font for the numbers and a different font for the words which turned out cute, I think.  The shirt is an XL Junior crossover Teardrop cap sleeve in white (I usually wear a M in adult sizes.)

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