52 Days of Catechism – Week 1

OK, Let me know if you ran out and got a copy of this book after reading my first post.

Don’t let the stoic cover fool you, it does have orange on it which should count for something…

I am truly digging it.  Each day has been a little devotional gift.

This past week, I read the first 5 sections.

I was reminded about things like that I belong to Jesus and not myself, sin must be dealt with, a life in the Holy Spirit is the only way to change, and that the debt of my sin had to be paid.  DeYoung writes in a way that educates us in main doctrines that are essential to our faith, but in bite size chapters that are not overwhelming even for a newer Christian. For me, each day has been a beautiful reminder of what and why I believe.

I imagine that I will go back through this book after I am finished to spend a little more time taking in the questions.  As my reading has progressed, I have noticed that DeYoung’s point to 52 Chapters was one for each Sunday of the year he spent studying the Heidelberg Catechism.  He even names the chapters Lord’s Day 1 and so on, I am a little slow to pick up on these obvious connections from his introduction.


2 thoughts on “52 Days of Catechism – Week 1”

  1. Sounds like a good read!

    It is so important to be constantly reminded that we are not our own – though to fight against that nature isn't it?

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