Not God’s Type Book Review

Not Gods Type Cover Image
The titled grabbed me first and then the premise. A strong intellectual atheist makes her way towards knowing Jesus as her Savior. Not God’s Type: A Rational Academic Finds a Radical Faith is Holly Ordway’s unlikely story as the cover picture creatively suggests.

Ordway develops her testimony throughout the book centering on how one man’s, Josh, true friendship drew her is a very non-threatening and loving way towards Christ. He appreciated her as a person interacting with thoughtful questions in a manner that left her with time to think and wrestle. I found myself wanting to be more like Josh in the way I share Christ with others.

Struggling with the very idea of believing, Holly states how going from atheism to a belief in a Creator who loves her was a slow process. One that started with the understanding of a first cause and then over time came to mean the God of the Bible.

I enjoyed how her story unfolded with brief interludes folded between chapters that showed glimpses of her new life, new church, and new callings.

Holly Ordway’s testimony is an example that God is calling people to himself. People that we may never expect or imagine and that it is worth it to invest in lives. May I suggest that it is also a challenge to consider how we are sharing Christianity with others.

Reading about Ordway’s brokenness and vulnerability made me wonder as her book makes its way onto shelves, what type of feedback will she get from others about her turn toward faith in God. I hope the book is life changing for those who read it!

I received this book from Pure Publicity in exchange for my honest review.  These are my true observations and opinions.


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