T-Tapp Personal Profile Review

Personal Profile Seminar

Personal Profile Seminar description from the website:

Features Teresa Tapp explaining how her Personal Profile approach creates easier weight loss, improved health and better body function.  The seminar details how blood type matters but that dominant/recessive genetic factors can change blood type factors, how the distance between knee to ankle versus rib to hip can affect weight loss as well as weight gain and how ethnic heritage can affect dietary processing.  Previously only available through private consultations, this information can now be learned for a fraction of the cost.

My Thoughts:
The Personal Profile Seminar comes in two Cd’s (82 minutes) for easy listening wherever you like.  I loaded mine onto my computer to listen while I scanned my favorite blogs.
What I really like about Teresa Tapp (T-Tapp) is that she has amazing workout DVDs but also seeks to offer products and educate the public on overall health. The Personal Profile Cd’s, for example, offer interesting and new information on how to eat to help your body digest food, not carry extra weight, and other ideas by sharing how background and blood type play a part in health.  It was fascinating.
I suggest that you listen to the Cd’s knowing what your blood type is as that will be helpful if you would like to take notes on what is applicable to you.  I plan to listen again with a pen and paper in hand and give her recommendations a try.  As I have yet to try the information out though, I can not give advice on that aspect but I can say that I have found Teresa’s ideas on other things to line up with other books that I have read so I personally trust her.
I do recommend that you listen to this seminar; however, if you are new to T-Tapp start with the Total Workout DVDs (which comes with 2 extra workouts in October).  Learning the steps by following the instructional, you will see results and it is amazing! This will make a T-Tapper out of you and then you will want to dive into other things that Teresa offers on her website.

This seminar was sent to me for the purpose of reviewing by T-tapp. I was not required to write a positive review.


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