The Student Whisperer Review

SWSmallCoverAfter having read The Thomas Jefferson Education,  I was enthralled with the idea of a leadership education for my family. I found that I agreed with the premise of this educational theory which allows our children to become scholars after they work through the stages of learning. The stages are set up for the kids to grab hold of the desire to learn and focus energies to that end, doing much more then the minimum to get by. Don’t we all want that for our children? The kind of students who are set on the path of lifelong learning, who read for information and whose work is internally motivated much of the time.

The first section or “Book One” of The Student Whisper follows excerpts of journal entries from Tiffany Earl. You get a glimpse into when she was mentored and her mentoring beginnings. You see a little of what her education was like and a how she changes and grows. It was inspiring to read! I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and find a mentor for myself and more then that, I wanted to be that kind of mentor to my children. Plus, I started my own Commonplace Book and started reading with a goal of education and lining new ideas up with my core book, the Bible.

SWBackCover-224x300The second part of The Student Whisperer, “Book Two”, shares the nuts and bolts of mentoring toward a great individualized education. These pages are packed with ideas and journaling prompts that will help each aspiring mentor with the students they are walking beside.

I shut The Student Whisperer with insights and ideas, ready to move ahead. I now desire more then ever to be a good mentor to my children and any other students that may cross my path. I want my students to get an education that is well-rounded, where they learn to be thinkers, where they chose to do the work from within, where they love learning. I also want to stay on the journey of continued education for myself. The book itself did what it hopes to inspire us to do, it was a good mentor!

May I encourage you to check out The Student Whisperer, The Thomas Jefferson Education, The Home Companion, and Leadership Education as well as the Thomas Jefferson Education site where you can find out more about leadership education. If you are not familiar with this way of education, I think it is worth your time and energy to do the research!

Have you read any of the Leadership Education books?

I was given a copy of The Student Whisperer in exchange for this review which is my honest opinion.


6 thoughts on “The Student Whisperer Review”

  1. I haven't read any of the books but I am very interested. I follow several blogs of moms who believe in this educational model. It sounds like it could really create some life long learners, as opposed to test takers.

  2. I did read “A Thomas Jefferson Education” and loved it. I hope to put some of the ideas into practice as my son and I read through his 9th grade reading list this year.

    I have a question about “The Student Whisperer”: did it have lots of practical ideas and prompts that were different from “A Thomas Jefferson Education?”

  3. The practical ideas were all about how to mentor someone in scholar phase. It was very inspiring to me. I think some of the other books are more practical in what to do and the day to day of the TJEd.
    A commonplace book is a place to keep quotes, poems, ideas. You can add your own ideas and how they line up with what you have read elsewhere or in the Bible. I keep mine by my book pile and put anything that resonates with me but not just in my readings.
    Let me know if you end up reading The Student Whisperer!

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