Pick and Draw Game Review and Giveaway

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When the Pick and Draw game arrived, it took my son no time to read the rules, set it up, and begin drawing pages of faces.  With straight forward instructions put forth step by step, he was off.  We found that this card game can be used with any age and it can be done alone or together plus parents and teachers can use it as a learning tool.
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When I contacted Rich Davis to see about writing a review, he didn’t just send me one game; he sent me four! He asked me to use them in ministry here in Bolivia. I thought that was amazing! He told me that people are using the Pick and Draw games in India, Africa, Poland, and many other countries. Mr. Davis stated, “…even if they (missionaries or teams) can’t speak the language. Art, a gift from God, is a language all people can understand immediately.”  It is his greatest desire and a dream he believes God placed in his heart to see people come to know Jesus through art.  Pick and Draw is the beginning of God’s answer to that dream.

July 2011 004

What will we do with the extra games we received? One pack of Pick and Draw was already played during the English Village ministry which helps future missionaries and leaders from South America develop language learning skills. Another of the games will make it’s home in a small village where we have a single missionary who works with a church there. The children in that town are used to life without electricity and other conveniences, I really think this will become a highlight for them. The others will be used by our children’s ministry team, the school, and possibly the medical team plus we will enjoy our personal copy and make use of it as ministry comes along too. I am excited to see how this game might help us in sharing the Gospel.

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I highly recommend Pick and Draw for anyone with children. You can use it for an afternoon activity, waiting in a restaurant or office, a character for a short story, or many other things. If you want to give it a try, go HERE.

Please consider making a purchase (using the link or the button to the right) of Pick and Draw, at just $10.00 a game it would make a great gift for any occasion or just an addition to your lessons. If you do decide to get a copy or already own one, let me know what you think.

To Win a Pick and Draw Game 
Below are the various ways you can enter and the fine print.

  • Please remember to leave one comment for each entry.
  • Comments will close Monday, August 29TH at midnight (ET).
  • US addresses only.
  • Please note, once I post the winner you will have 48 hours to notify me or I will pick another. If you leave an email address, I will also email you if you win.
  • Winners are chosen using the random generator.


Leave a comment about why you would enjoy winning Pick and Draw or about games in general.

BONUS ENTRIES: (8 extra entries)

I received a copy of Pick and Draw in exchange for this review which is my own opinion. The links in this post and the button are affiliate links.


9 thoughts on “Pick and Draw Game Review and Giveaway”

  1. I could see using this game on road trips (or maybe an airplane ride home w/ our new kiddo from Ethiopia?).  Neat!

    I also follow you on Google Reader, Twitter, like you on Facebook (and I also am friends w/ the real you on Facebook too)  🙂

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