Journaling with Your Computer: The Journal 5 Review and Giveaway

I was invited to join Rafflecopter and because there were no entries in my giveaway yet, I decided to add Rafflecopter and extend the giveaway by one day!

After clicking The Journal 5 button on my desktop and typing in the secret password, the following is what shows up….


If you like keeping a daily journal on your computer, this is the one for you. I like the simplicity and the ease of this platform.  I also like that fact that it is offline and saved on my computer, although you can back it up online as well if you want and if you don’t like green that is easy to change too.

My goal was to write a token from each day. Sometimes I have just one line to write and other days a picture with story or conversation.  If  a day is missed, I freed myself from going back and filling it in so that it does not become a chore but a welcomed way of closing out my day.  Keep in mind, that if you have trouble coming up with something you can add a simple daily journal template that is quick and easy to help you along.

When you purchase The Journal 5, it comes with easy to follow and clear directions. Plus it allows you to add tabs, lists, and things that interest you. For example, I have a Happiness Project Tab where I list some things that I wanted to remember from the book by that name. The Happiness Project has a place where you can keep these lists online, but I prefer mine to be private and so I am keeping them in my journal.

9-22-2011 9-42-37 AM

My favorite thing about The Journal 5 is the Memory grabber add on.  I highly recommend this as it allows you to keep a running timeline of your life along with memory questions to remind you of key events you won’t want to forget.  The timeline (pictured above) has room to add your age to each year as well as monumental events. The space expands if you have a year that warrants more writing. I plan to list births, weddings, graduations, big moves, significant current events, and major life happenings. The memory questions include family, childhood, work, favorites, talents, and many more.

I highly recommend the Journal 5 for people looking to keep a simple desktop journal. You can purchase a download now or on CD in various bundles and packages. Head over to The Journal’s website to see more page views and insights to the program.
You can also win The Journal 5 with the Memorygrabber (a $59.95 value)

RafflecopterSettings = { raffleID: ‘OTgwOGUzM2Y3ODYwMzNkNzkwZTBlYjZmYzhmYTVkOjE=’ }; You need javascript enabled to see this giveaway.I received a download of The Journal 5 in exchange for this review which is my own opinion.


7 thoughts on “Journaling with Your Computer: The Journal 5 Review and Giveaway”

  1. I use my journals for expressing my joys and sorrows. I have many journals going, such as one for nature and my camping adventures, a “please do not read this journal because you may not like what you read” and a daily journal. I write down story ideas and such. I have even done altered art journals. Journals are a was to express without being judged.

  2. I find if my husband is out of town I can write every evening, but with him home (as he is most of the time) I rarely find the time to write.  I was just at the creek with my children and while they played in the water I wrote small snips of their interactions and drew a picture of a mushroom and moss, and a water strider.

  3. I do prayer journaling. I have hard cover lined journals that I do daily prayer journaling in. I have kept the books and it is nice to go back and “review” how God has worked in my llife. 

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