Good Manners for a Little Warrior by Kelly Chapman Review

The adventure begins when Luke and his friends are transported to a time of knights and nice manners. At Warrior Prince Academy the boys are challenged to:

  • let kindness reign in their hearts
  • dine with divine dignity
  • become a Golden Rule Keeper
  • be a noble and gracious friend

Every parent, grandparent, and Sunday school teacher will be excited to bestow the godly lessons of chivalry, courage, and confidence on the young boys in their lives (summary from the Harvest House site.)


Good Manners for a Little Warrior by Kelly Chapman is perfect for little children. The illustrations are well done, down to the details. Your littlest child will enjoy looking at the pages and seeing the antics even if they cannot read the story yet. This is the kind of book that can challenge newer readers while keeping their attention with interesting visuals.

September 2011 011There are several teaching moments within the five short chapters where you can pull out the manners that are being discussed and dialog with your child. I specifically enjoyed the list of “Royally Wrong Manners” on page nine as you can have your children brainstorm before you read the list to see if they can pick out the bad manners. I also liked the list of what a “Code Keeper” (page 20) looks like which has characteristics I would like my boys to learn and value.

The only drawback for me was that the story felt a little awkward in places especially as I was reading it aloud; however, I think that from a little boy’s point-of-view, it is just fine. After all, it it has adventure, knights, and sports. What more could you want?  My youngest was enthralled.

Have you read any of the Little Warrior Series?

I was given this book by Harvest House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.


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