Hungry for God by Margaret Feinberg {Review}

securedownloadHungry for God:

With passion and rare insight into the Scriptures, critically acclaimed author Margaret Feinberg shows how you can fulfill your heart’s deep hunger for God. How does God speak, and how can you learn to hear him whispering to you in the midst of daily affairs? Hungry for God will guide you toward the holy intimacy your spirit craves. (from Zondervan)

I enjoyed reading Hungry for God as one woman’s account into the depths of her walk with God. She unfolds how God speaks to her in a variety of ways. Margaret shares her heart and her stories in a very readable, enjoyable manner. I often found myself nodding along at times while thinking, I have had experiences that were similar and although there was not much new information presented, sometimes we just need a nudge and a reminder to meet with God and keep Him first. It is clear that the author loves God and wants you to as well.

I would caution people reading Hungry for God to remember that it is one woman’s experiences and thoughts. It is a book to encourage you to meet with God, read scripture, and listen for His movement in your life. It is not a Biblical study on how God shows Himself to people in the Bible. In fact, this is mostly about her personal walk (notice her head shot on the cover) with a few scriptures added. Her thoughts and not a lot of Biblical backup which always gives me pause when reading. So, my encouragement to you would be to take what Feinberg writes and match it up with what the Bible says. I hope that if you read Hungry for God it will be the testimony you need to inspire you to sit down with your Bible and spend time getting to know God. You know, to develop a hunger for God!

This book was given to be by Zondervan in exchange for my honest review. There are my thoughts and I was not required to write a positive review.


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