The Fast-Food Kitchen by Sheri Torelli {Review}

by Sheri Torelli

Sheri Torelli, coauthor with Emilie Barnes of the popular More Hours in My Day (over 240,000 copies sold), presents a wonderful mealtime solution for families on the go, on a budget, and ready to switch from drive-through answers to fast, healthy, home-cooked meals.
Sheri provides realistic, fine-tuned ways to bring sanity and the family back to the table:

    • double-duty cooking—how to maximize a minimal amount of time in the kitchen


  • menus by design—foolproof ways to plan meals and a month’s worth of menus



  • creating little helpers—skill-appropriate tasks for kids of all ages



  • tips for an efficient kitchen—tweaks and tools to organize a fast-food kitchen



  • fast food with friends—hosting simple meals at home without feeling intimidated



This unique and practical resource provides the recipe for better eating and better living: meal plans, organization helps, and lots of encouragement

From Harvest House

My Thoughts
The Fast-Food Kitchen is the perfect solution for the mom who needs quick meals because of a busy lifestyle.

The first 86 pages of the book are filled with tips and ideas from personalizing your kitchen and learning to cook double, to making a menu that works. Some of the ideas will be reminders and some will be new as Sheri encourages you to set kitchen goals that will make your meal making time easier and better.

The rest of the book boasts over 100 recipes to try on your family. Each one gives an estimated prep and cooking time plus how many it serves as well as approximate calories. One each page, you will also find an easy recipe laid out by ingredients, methods, tools needed, plus side dish ideas, kitchen tips, how to make it double, and possibly an extra comment.

IMG_3162My family’s favorite is the Crock-Pot or Microwave Mexican Meat Loaf (which we bake in the oven actually) on page 132.  Because we live in South American, I have to make a few substitutions; but both times I have made it, my kids raved and begged for more. This scrumptious dish will make it to our table at least monthly!

I really think that Sheri Torelli has given us a handy little book here. It would make an excellent gift tucked inside an over mitt perhaps or just a helpful addition to your kitchen.

This book was given to me by Harvest House in exchange for my honest review.


Not a Fan. by Kyle Idleman {Book Review}

0310331951Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus
by Kyle Idleman

Fan or Follower? In our celebrity and sports driven culture, we know what it means to be a fan. Most of us determine our answer to the question based on cultural or denominational measurements. Or we identify our answer with some religious rituals or traditions. Not a Fan examines and reveals what it means to go beyond simply being an enthusiastic admirer to being a completely committed Follower of Jesus. (Synopsis from Zondervan)

My Thoughts:

Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman is set up to challenge ones idea of what faith and following Christ looks like. Kyle takes a look at how fans view life and how followers see the same thing. The book is convicting even for the most faithful follower. For me, Idleman’s writing was a reminder of why I am a follower and not a fan. The book caused me to ponder areas in which I can grow; I was especially challenged by the “Take Up Your Cross Daily” chapter.

The size and layout of Not a Fan is inviting. The clear, shorter chapters are perfect for a devotional before bed or a quick, weekly book club read. I like how Idleman always included scripture, some historical anecdotes, and/or a Biblical story that illustrated where he was headed in each chapter. However, my favorite part of the book is the testimonies included at the end of each chapter. The first one gave me chills. For me, reading real people who deal with hard issues and follow Jesus often gives the courage needed to keep going. 

One caution I would suggest is to read Not a Fan only as it concerns you. Without being careful, you might find yourself starting to judge other people (who is a fan and who is a follower) which could be easy to do. Instead, I would encourage you to be mindful and allow it to be a very personal journey asking God to reveal to you where you need to work in your relationship with Him.

I think most followers will find this a helpful book as they seek to know God more and grow in areas that are lacking. I am just guessing here, but I think most fans will quickly stop reading and those who proceed may just find their hearts and lives changed. I am certain that is the author’s purpose and I am praying that is what occurs.

You can find out more about Not a Fan here.

This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to write a positive review.