Beat This Cookbook by Ann Hodgman {Book Review}


Do you think you have the absolute best recipe for apple pie? Maybe your neighbor claims to make the best meatloaf around. Did your Italian grandmother serve the best spaghetti sauce this side of the Atlantic? Well, unless you or that neighbor or your grandmother is Ann Hodgman, you’re wrong!

The book that the editor in chief of Vanity Fair called “the funniest, most engaging book about food I’ve ever come across” has now been revised and updated: more than half the recipes are completely new, and many of the originals have been “oomphed up” to make them even more shamelessly delicious.

Beat This! Cookbook contains more than a hundred all-time favorites, from Burnt Sugar Ice Cream and White Chocolate Raspberry Pie to Chili-Cheese Casserole and Onion Rings. Each one is guaranteed to make people take a bite, stagger with joy, and beg you for the recipe.

via Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

My Thoughts:

Can a cookbook be funny?  Yes! Yes, it can!

It can also be entertaining and inspiring all at the same time. Hodgman has managed to cram between the pages of Beat This! Cookbook, a plethora of amazing recipes with her wit and humor running alongside. This is not a boring cookbook nor one that will only be pulled out only during the dinner hour. This is your friend or at least reads like you are chatting with your friend. One who is spouting off about the lastest recipe and then tells you percsisly how to make it and what she does so it comes out just right or what to use if you don’t happen to have that particular item on hand.

I learned a few things from Hodgman. For example, that the famous “Neiman Marcus” cookie story was fabricated, she mentions and then shares the recipe. They are amazing cookies and now I can make them again! The “Mashed Potatoes” recipe is worth reading too, as you probably have never made them this way nor even thought to do so. In fact, that is the genious here. There are many recipes that you probably already make with her tweeks to create better versions or at least a little different. 

While enjoying the humor of this cookbook, you may want to note that the recipes are listed in alphabetical order with a list of dishes by category on pages 13-17. There is also a section for leftovers.

I like Beat This! Cookbook. Adding a little wit to cooking is a good thing!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This is my opinion and I wasn’t required to write a positive review. 


One thought on “Beat This Cookbook by Ann Hodgman {Book Review}”

  1. The original edition of this wonderful book is one of my very favorite cookbooks (along with Beat That!), and I used to give copies routinely as gifts. I'm glad to read the kudos of another fan! Lovely blog you have, too. 🙂

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