His Kingdom Come {Book Review}

edited by Jim Stier, Richlyn Poor, and Lisa Orvis
Jesus’ final words to his disciples ring down through the ages: preach the gospel to every individual and disciple every nation. Preach the gospel? Got it, but what does it mean to disciple the nations? Do I preach or teach? To individuals or groups of people? What exactly does Jesus want me to do?

Come explore these questions through Scripture, history, and the ideas and experiences of those who are actively engaged in discipling nations. You’ll discover that God’s kingdom comes in and through many ministries, vocations, and locations – from university campuses to developing regions, in kitchens and boardrooms, through government, journalism, and the arts. All followers of Christ are needed to bring God’s grace and truth to individuals, cultures and nations today and to do the works God prepared in advance for us to do.

Jesus’ words are for each of us, wherever we are and whatever God has gifted us to do. What does it look like for you and for the body of Christ worldwide? How can we respond passionately and creatively to the call of God to see every person and every nation transformed?
My Thoughts:
I need to be honest and let you know that I am not done reading His Kingdom Come, but my family will be traveling soon and I did not want to wait until the summer to let you know about this gem! I have skimmed much of the content, looked for ideas that I needed, and read slowly from the beginning. Slowly, because some of the ideas are new to me and so profoundly beautiful that I need the time to slow down to take it in. I especially have loved the first two chapters which are all marked up with underlines and notes in the margin.  It is worth getting the book for just those chapters!
I think anyone with a heart for missions should obtain this book. His Kingdom Come is split into five parts including: “What the Bible Says”, “History of Discipling Nations”, “Philosophy of Ministry”, and “Strategy”. Each of these sections is broken into chapter by different authors which brings an interesting change of flow between the writings.
My plan is to keep at this book in a studious manner. I have even considered teaching some of the content for it to really sink in. 
This book was given to me in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review.

One thought on “His Kingdom Come {Book Review}”

  1. Sounds intriguing! Does the book really address missions in the kitchen, campuses, etc? I've looked at a number of books that talk about the big picture and address missionaries and huge projects, but they fail to touch on homemakers. 🙂

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