Amy Con Café {The Restart}

March 2014 259
Learning to take a selfie!

So, my life has taken a few unexpected changes in the last six months. I went from living a missional life overseas to the normal settling in of life stateside. With that in mind, it seemed a good time to restart the blog moving to WordPress, as I have been meaning to do.

These past months have not only unfolded painful challenges and changes but poked at lifelong hurts, learning to own my journey, and realizing what authenticity really looks like and how I move forward as a whole person. I am still processing and weeding and hoping to share parts of my story as the days go on.

My blogging goal is to work out how to review items and books from this side of the world and to write about what I enjoy. I want to help women become whole in ways that include eating for health, mental clarity, spiritual disciplines, physical activity, self-care, serving others, great causes, as well as fashion and beauty. Helping each of us become whole women living real lives in authentic and healthy ways.

Presently, my life and passions include: decorating, settling into, and simplifying my condo; helping my children transition from homeschooling to traditional school; looking for meaningful employment; reading; journaling; nutrition; working out; subscription boxes (a new found obsession); jewelry; fashion; beauty products; and catching up on the changes that have occurred in the USA since we left four years ago, plus restarting this new blog.

Welcome or welcome back!