Heroes for Young Readers Companion CD Review

Many young readers and families with children have enjoyed the vividly illustrated, rhyming Heroes for Young Readers books. Now these popular childrens books are supplemented with the new Heroes for Young Readers audio CDs.
audio CD contains activities for the following four Heroes for Young Readers books

Gladys Aylward
Eric Liddell
Nate Saint
George Müller

Enjoy a CD filled with book readings, songs, and fun activity tracks.

Ages: 4-8

(Product description taken from YWAM Publishing. Click link to purchase.)


My children are presently 10, 8, and 4 and they all enjoyed listening along with the Heroes for Young Readers Companion CD. The rhyming short stories had them asking insightful questions like why children had to suffer in Gladys Aylward’s story. The CD is a great addition to our children’s library even without the read along books. I do think; however, that the books would be nice to have so the kids could follow along, see pictures, and develop their reading skills. Each story starts with the same song and ends with another song that goes along with what was shared. The music was not my favorite, but the kids did not seem to mind.

For those of you looking for missional reading to encourage your children or yourselves, check out the Heroes for Young Readers and the Christian Heroes Series.

Homeschooling Families – Please note that there are unit study pintables available too.

I was given a CD copy by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.