Blue Apron Review

My brother invited me to try Blue Apron. He enjoys the grab ingredients and start cooking right away aspect of the service.

My box arrived on Saturday. It was wrapped inside an insulated box that was kept cold with ice. The meat was safely at the bottom between ice packs. I immediately took the entire pack and placed it in my fridge.

The first meal was Salmon & Dukkah – Spiced Vegetables. Each meal comes with a recipe card that gives very easy, clear directions and turns you into a gourmet chef.

It tasted amazing! The flavors in the vegetables was outstanding. The Salmon was perfect! There is not waste (as you use everything) but there was leftovers.

The second meal was Beef Medallions & Scallion Salsa Verde. Again the vegetables were popping with flavor along with the outstanding salsa over the beef.

I am amazed at how great both meals were. They were easy and fun with only olive oil needed to finish the recipes. The portions were satisfying. It truly gave me more insight into how much I actually need to cook at mealtime.  I am excited about trying future meals from Blue Apron.

* There are no links at this time. I was gifted these as free meals from my brother. It seems you are able to send meals after you have ordered a couple times. 


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